We chat with beautiful Tess, mother of two girls and lover of vintage and antique wares.
Rhea: Please introduce yourself?
Tess: My name is Tess Twigden, I am a mother of two girls, Marlowe, 5 and Mae, 3. My husband, Tom and I have been together 18 years, he works as a firefighter for the SAMFS. Together we all live on a small farm in the Fleurieu Region of South Australia. We also have a dog called Ned, Biscuit the cat, plus a few chickens and recently 9 lambs. We are currently renovating a little cottage on our property to create a romantic rustic B&B. I am a photographer and also run a small business together with Honey (my mum) 'Bowerbirds Vintage', selling rustic farmhouse collectables.
Rhea: You are about to open up a space to sell your beautiful vintage wares. How did you pave your way to a career in this industry?
Tess: It simply just happened. It fell into place early last year with just an idea, we used Instagram as our platform and it was a huge success. Our first drop sold out within a few hours! My mum, Linda or Honey as the grandkids call her, has always been an antique collector and bowerbird at heart. This way of life is all I have ever known, in fact Honey tells me, my first outing as a baby was to the local trash and treasure car boot markets. Honey and I live and breathe second hand and love discovering rustic pieces full of character and charm. We feel very grateful to be able to share our passion and can't wait to open the big sliding door to our little shop here at Twigden Farm.
Rhea: What is your most treasured item of vintage?
Tess: My girls antique sleigh beds which have travelled the world and now have their forever home here. They are something I could never part with and hope my grandchildren will sleep in one day too.
Rhea: You recently styled the Bisset Gown in your beautiful backyard and home. How did this dress make you feel?
Tess: The look on my girls faces says it all when I put on a beautiful dress but it's so much more than that. It makes me feel connected to my true self. To wear a label whose values and beliefs align with my own, it gives me a sense of pride and appreciation. I love wearing pieces which inspire me, have a nostalgic feeling and are made from natural fibres. Pieces which are made with thought and heart, they give me hope towards a more ethical and sustainable future. Pure happiness in a dress!
Rhea: Lastly, what is your idea of the perfect day?
Tess: Let me paint you a picture of a perfect day in my future... It's a Sunday and I have just returned home to the farm after spending the morning at the antique fair sourcing treasures. Guests have just checked out of our little B&B cottage and they take a stroll down the dirt road to peep inside the Bowerbirds Vintage shop. We are all home together, there is bread baking in the oven, the radio sings softly, the windows and doors are open. I help the husband in the garden with his latest project, the kids happily help out too before we start painting pictures. Then of course that magic golden hour light hits outside and I can't help but reach for my camera. Perhaps then friends arrive for dinner and we spend the evening in deep conversation and belly laughs. The day will always end with a walk or a book, chocolate and a kiss goodnight.
December 02, 2021 by Rhea Harvey