Thoughtful | Ethical | Timeless

Celebrating traditions, stories and passion

Here at Merri I wanted to create beautiful clothing and accessories with meaning and soul. Exquisite items that can be worn both day and night, from beach to bar. Items that can be passed down to your daughter, then theirs. Real heirloom pieces, timeless and classic.

I believe in conscious creation. Looking to the past for inspiration and to the future for sustainable practices and purpose.

I aim to create pieces that transcend seasons and trends. Through each colour and print choice I always ensure each collection speaks to the previous, this then encourages you to breathe new life into the Merri pieces already in your wardrobe. This nod to slower fashion is the true essence of Merri.

I work closely with local artisans here in Bali and Indonesia, they work from home alongside their loved ones and they are just like family. I release small collections, in small quantities ensuring the highest ethical support to my beautiful team.

By supporting my brand and my dream, you are supporting theirs also.

Thank you for being here.

Love always, Rhea xxx

Begin Again

A collection that showcases resilience. Featuring core pieces and new designs to compliment the modern Merri muse.

It's a slow dance with the seaside and a representation of the purest essence of Merri. A true celebration of the incredible skills of our artisans we work so closely with. Each piece handcrafted from carefully curated, high quality fabrics. 100% linens, cottons and bamboo, representing our love for a gentle and sustainable future.

Immerse yourself in a world of beauty and add timeless pieces to your forever wardrobe.